"Schools: Partners for the Future" initiative

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    Shimna Integrated College, Newcastle, Northern Ireland Shimna Integrated College is one of twelve schools of the PASCH network in the UK and was welcomed into the PASCH school network in January It was founded in one the day of the first IRA ceasefire by parents of both confessions in Northern Ireland and is situated in Newcastle in south-east Northern Ireland, close to the border of the Rebuplic of Ireland.

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    Shimna Integrated College was put on the shortlist of the Nobel Price for Peace in along with all the other integrated schools in Northern Ireland, and at the moment, students of both the Catholic and the Protestant faiths are studying there together. For A-level students, German is offered even for very small groups of students, and Shimna Integrated College offers the Sixth Form students the possibility to do a work experience in companies in Germany.

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    On top of that partnersuche 2.0 pasch school in general has a very strong focus on modern foreign languages which also shows in its various awards Shimna Integrated College has received in the past, like the one for a Specialist School in Languages and the International Dimension.

    Europa School UK, Culham Europa School UK is one of twelve PASCH schools in the UK and joined the PASCH network in February It is located on the grounds of the former European School Culham in Oxfordshire that used to be the only European School in the UK. It was founded in for the children of the scientists working at the Joint European Torus JET that were working near Culham.

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    In Primary, half the week is taught through English and half taught through French, German or Spanish and the school uses the primary curriculum for German as a foreign language that has officially been accredited by the European Union and the European Council. Thus, Europa UK offers an unparalleled education where students are taught bilingually throughout their entire school career as from the age of four, students are taught English along with German, French and Spanish until they graduate at 18, equipped with a highly acclaimed Baccalaureate in at least two languages.

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    Ballakermeen High School Ballakermeen High School is one of twelve partner schools in the UK in the capital of the Isle of Man, Douglas, and was welcomed into the PASCH school network in July During the Second World War, it served as a training basis for the Royal Navy and was part of HMS St George, before being turned into a a coeducational secondary school.

    At present, more than students are studying at Ballakermeen High School.

    partnersuche 2.0 pasch

    Because of their large number of students, Ballakermeen Partnersuche straubing School has strong ties with 15 primary schools which feed into their school. With Ballakermeen High School having close ties partnersuche 2.0 pasch three other secondary schools on the Isle of Man in which German is taught and with an exchange running with a secondary school in Bayreuth for several years already, it also has established contacts with the the local university in Partnersuche 2.0 pasch as well as companies there with regards to STEM subjects.

    partnersuche 2.0 pasch

    This is why Ballakermeen High School ideally combines STEM with vocational education and Partnersuche 2.0 pasch as a foreign language, areas which are vital for the PASCH initiative in the UK. The school also has a CLIL profile and strongly supports the teaching of STEM subjects as a whole, with both also being focal areas of the Department of Education of the Isle of Man, on top of a partnersuche 2.0 pasch enthusiasm for physical education, as well as the arts, making Ballakermeen High Partnersuche 2.0 pasch an ideal addition to the PASCH network in the UK.

    As one of twelve PASCH schools in the UK it was initiated into the PASCH initiative in October and has more than zwergkaninchen kennenlernen who are learning German all the way from KS3 to their A-levels. It has organized various thematic field trips to German-speaking countries over the past years, such as visits to German Christmas markets, ski trips to Austria, an a-level excursion to Berlin and a visit to the concentration camps in Bergen-Belsen and Auschwitz Poland.

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    The school has also been participating in the Duke of Jüdin kennenlernen Award Scheme over the past years. On top of their curricular activities, Windsor High Partnersuche 2.0 pasch has a remarkable range of more than extracurricular activities on offer for their students which are integrated into different time slots during the school day, dr singleton office orangeburg sc well as numerous drama productions and a Student Senate, which forms part of the Student Leadership Programme.

    It thus provides an ideal combination of already existing programmes for their students that liaise well with all the activities the PASCH initiative has to offer.