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But we mustn't stoop this low.

lowering your standards dating

Wir müssen uns nicht auf ihr Niveau herablassen. You don't have to apologize for anything. Well, maybe we shouldn't have sunk to his level.

Ich werde mich nicht auf sein Niveau herablassen. I won't lower myself to his level.

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Rache gehört zur Domäne der Dunklen und ihr werdet euch niemals auf deren Niveau herablassen. Vengeance is the domain of the Dark Ones and you will never stoop to their level.

lowering your standards dating

We didn't sink to their level. I know, but if we sink to their levelwe're not better than they are.

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We are not capable of having western standards, and it is depressing to see how western Europeans who live in our country, in the absence of controls, end up lowering themselves to our level.

Der Staat darf sich jedoch nicht auf das Niveau der Terroristen herablassen.

lowering your standards dating

However, the state must not sink to the level of the terrorists. Euer Ehren, wenn wir uns auf ein solches Niveau von Lächerlichkeit herablassen Your Honor, if we're sinking to this level of ludicrousity Vielleicht kommt ihr dann auf mein Niveau.

Maybe get yourselves up near my level.

lowering your standards dating

President Santer reacted irritably to my question yesterday and accordingly congratulated himself on the fact that he was not descending to my level.

Wir dachten, du wärst auf mein Niveau herabgesunken.

lowering your standards dating

And we thought you lowered yourself to date me, right? Da hab ich mal einen Glückstreffer und Sie wollen auf mein Niveau herab! I make one lucky shot and you're ready to come down to my level.

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Jo Jo, bitte, nur dieses eine Mal, komm runter auf mein Niveau. Jo Jo, please, just this once, come down to my level. Viel Geld. A lot. I want to keep a certain standard.

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Obgleich ich versucht hatte, in die Vergangenheit zu laufen, war mein Niveau des Erfolges recht pathetisch. Although I had tried to run in the past, my level of success was pretty pathetic.

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Sie sind leider, so gar nicht mein Niveau. We're different kinds of people unfortunately Singles geseke Niveau: Wo haben Sie Deutsch gelernt?

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lowering your standards dating

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