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MODEL MA0 2 KEYS AND SPECIAL FEATURES Document No. Model MA0 under the described conditions.

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Please read the manual and these blomberg single oven manual instructions before using the device. In case of any doubt, the German version shall apply. The current EU-declaration of conformity, certificate of conformity, safety instructions and manuals can be found at or requested from i.

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Changes, errors and misprints may not be used as a basis for any claim for damages. All rights reserved. Measures must be taken to prevent any accidental restarting of the device.

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The safety of the device may be compromised, if, for example: Malfunctions occur. The housing of the device shows damage.

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The device has been subjected to excessive loads. The device has been stored improperly. Markings or labels on the device are illegible.

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We recommend that a blomberg single oven manual displaying errors or in which an error is suspected be sent back to i. The following safety regulations must also be complied with: Inside ex-hazardous areas the covers of all interfaces must be closed.

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To ensure the IP-protection, it has to be ensured that all gaskets are present and functional. There must be no large gap between the two halves of the tanzkurse singles hildesheim. The device may only be charged outside ex-hazardous areas.

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The device may only be charged at ambient temperatures between 5 C C. Physical connections to other equipment are only allowed outside ex-hazardous areas. The device may not be exposed to any aggressive acids or alkalis. Only accessories approved by i.

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The device may only be used in zones or. The battery pack is placed permanently into the housing therefore do not detach the two halves of the enclosure.

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It is not user serviceable or interchangeable. In order to maintain the IP64 protection, do not detach the two halves of the enclosure.